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starter loan augustaWhat is a Starter Loan?
If you are looking to establish yourself as a reliable borrower or to rebuild your credit, starter loans can be an immense help. Starter loans are small, easy-to-repay loans that allow you to demonstrate your ability to repay. At Empire Loan, we offer Starter Loans up to $100 to applicants with no prior credit history or with previous slow credit. As with all our loans, we will need proof of your ability to repay. For many, loans are a necessity of life. For this reason, having a great credit score is crucial. If you want to buy a house or a car, you will need good credit to be approved – and that is what we are here for.

Why Do I Need a Starter Loan?
Have you had a stroke of bad luck with your credit score and looking for a way to build it back up? Or are you just starting out and looking for a way to establish credit for yourself? Or maybe you are just looking for a way to pay for some of life’s everyday expenses such as a car payment, credit card debt, or moving expenses. Either way, a starter loan could be a great resource. Starter loans are usually geared towards people or businesses that are looking to build their credit and earn a high credit score. Because of this, starter loans usually don’t require the borrower to have a long credit history and often have lower interest rates. If you make your payments accordingly and on time, these loans can be a great way to build your credit score up.

How Can I Get a Starter Loan?
At Empire Loan, we can get you your loan in a matter of minutes! With a guaranteed application processing time of 30 minutes or less, it’s easier than ever to get cash fast when one of life’s little emergencies comes your way. First, contact one of our loan specialists and fill out your loan application. Once we have your application, we process it instantly. After your application is approved, we let you know of any documentation (i.e. proof of income, bank statements, etc.) we will need. Once you bring in these documents, your loan is complete!*

Why Choose Empire Loan?
Empire Loan is the best choice for starter loans. From our outstanding customer service to our trusted history and involvement within our CSRA community, we are here for you every step of the way. Our customer service representatives are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding your loan. We are here for you from the start of the application process until the very end. If you are considering a starter loan or if you have any questions regarding the process, contact us today. Our team can help you immediately and show you more in-depth how our starter loans can greatly benefit your credit score. We can be reached at 706-724-1836 and we are conveniently located at 1944 Walton Way, Suite J, in Augusta, Georgia.

*All loans are subject to our liberal credit policy and credit limitations, if any*

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